Auto Paint Correction

Paint jobs, wheels/rims, and trim are all focal points of a vehicles appearance, and all three are subject to corrosive and diminishing environmental effects.

From an esthetic perspective, your auto’s paint job is its most visible feature. And there’s nothing like a brand new paint job to bring your auto back to life, right?

My professional paint polishing in Los Angeles, CA will restore your paint to a brilliant factory shine, without the huge cost! The technical term for this process is paint correction, in Los Angeles, CA. Check out my reviews on Yelp!

Over time your paint job dulls due to a number of factors. One of the most common causes of dulling is washing and drying the paint with terry cloth. Repeated use of terry cloth on your paint creates countless micro scratches – known as spider webbing – on the surface of your clear-coat.

Another cause of paint dulling is from oxidation. This gives your paint a cloudy effect.

And over time, tiny air-born particles become embedded in the surface of the paint. These particles create that rough surface that is apparent when you glide your fingers across the surface of your vehicle.

My Paint Correction Process

You will need to make sure your vehicle is washed prior to me starting the paint correction process.

First, I treat the paint with a round of clay bar. This removes all the embedded particles from the surface of your paint.

I start the polishing process using a heavy/medium compound with an orbital. Then I apply a second round of polishing using a medium/light compound. For the final stage, I buff out the paint with a hand glaze.

At this point, the vehicle will look like it has a fresh coat of wax on it!

My paint polishing is also a mobile service, so I come to you!

If you don’t necessarily need your whole paint job restored, I also offer scuff mark removal in Los Angeles, CA. Those unsightly surface paint streaks and scratches resulting from rubbing up against parking posts, walls, and other vehicles can dramatically alter the appearance of your vehicle. Most of these scuff marks can be removed or substantially reduced depending of the scuff. I do not have set prices for scuff mark removal, as these jobs vary in size.

Trim polishing is based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Trim polishing is based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Ceramic coating is the new standard in automotive paint protection and shine. Its a hydrophobic polymer based solution that dries to a glossy 9H hardness.

No need to wax your vehicle anymore! Ceramic coating repels water, dust, and grime; making washing your vehicle a breeze.

Due to the permanent nature of this product it is highly recommended that you have it applied after a paint correction job, unless your paint is new.

You can choose which ceramic coating product you would like me to apply onto your vehicle. I recommend R1 Coatings (30mil) starter kit.

Once you have ordered your coating product call me to schedule an appointment for professional application.

Paint Correction Prices*
• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 395
• 4 Door Sports Cars, Sedans, & Compact SUVs 495
• SUVs & Trucks 595
* Additional cost applies to extreme conditions

Ceramic Coating
• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 315
• 4 Door Sports Cars, Sedans, & Compact SUVs 415
• SUVs & Trucks 515
- Ceramic coating windows, trim, & wheels are extra

Clay Bar*
• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 115
• 4 Door Sports Cars, Sedans, & Compact SUVs 175
• SUVs & Trucks 235

Rim Polishing*
• 4 Wheels/Rims 145
• 3 Wheels/Rims 115
• 2 Wheels/Rims 80
• 1 Wheel/Rim 40
* Additional cost applies to extreme conditions

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