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Paint Correction

A vehicle’s paint job is subject to corrosive and dulling environmental factors as well as effects from maltreatment. My paint correction process will remove the following issues:

• Rough paint surface
• Spider webbing
• Swirl marks
• Surface scratches
• Oxidation
• Pock marks
• Paint transfer marks

My paint correction (in Los Angeles and beyond) can restore paint to a factory like finish.

The process includes clay bar.
I offer up to 3 stages of polishing and buffing depending on the condition of your paint.

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*Your vehicle must be washed prior to me starting the paint correction process.

My Paint Correction Prices
(For two stage paint jobs)

• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles
3 stage correction 695
2 stage 495
1 stage (swirl mark removal) 355

• 4 Door Sedans & Compact SUVs
3 stage correction 1095
2 stage 795
1 stage (swirl mark removal) 495

• Standard Size SUVs, Trucks, & Vans
3 stage correction 1295
2 stage 895
1 stage (swirl mark removal) 595

*Vehicles with single stage paint jobs, which are uncommon, have an additional fee for 3 stage paint correction as follows:

• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 300
• 4 Door Sedans & Compact SUVs 500
• Standard Size SUVs, Trucks, & Vans 700

*XL Vehicles: Will need to see vehicle for pricing

Scuff Mark Removal

If you don’t necessarily need your whole paint job restored, I also offer scuff mark removal.

Most scuff marks can be removed or substantially reduced depending on severity.

I do not have set prices for scuff mark removal, as these jobs vary in size.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the new standard in automotive paint protection and shine and it’s permanent. Its a hydrophobic polymer based solution that dries to a glossy 9H-10H hardness.
No need to wax your vehicle! Ceramic coating repels water, dust, and grime; making washing your vehicle easier.

Due to the permanent nature of this product it is highly recommended that you have the coating applied after a paint correction job, unless your paint is in new condition.

You will need to purchase which ceramic coating product you would like me to apply to your vehicle.

Once you have ordered and received your product text me @ (213)454-0781 to schedule an appointment.

I recommend Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Coating – 10H Hardness for coating all surfaces including trim. This product has a 7 year guarantee.

I also recommend Chemical Guys Carbon Force Ceramic Coating – 9H Hardness
It is great for most surfaces, but not specified for trim. This product has a 5 year guarantee.

If preferred, I can grab some Carbon Force coating for you at a local shop.

Ceramic Coating Application Prices

• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 400

• 4 Door Sedans & Compact SUVs 500.

• Standard Size SUVs, Trucks, & Vans 600

• XL Vehicles: Will need to see vehicle

*Windows, trim, & wheels are extra.
*Prices are for labor only. Coating product is separate.

Clay Bar Prices
• 2 Door Sports Cars & Compact Vehicles 115-195
• 4 Door Sedans & Compact SUVs 135-215
• Standard Size SUVs, Trucks, & Vans 155-235
• XL Vehicles: Will need to see vehicle

Wheel Coating Correction Prices

• 4 Wheels/Rims 145-275

Spot Painting

Spot painting is a cheaper option to taking your vehicle to a body shop to have a whole bumper or panel painted just to remedy a deep scratch or scuff.

I use 2 component professional grade clear coat and clear blender to blend the new clear into old.

For best results I recommend that my spot painting customers purchase a 12oz. aerosol can of matching spray paint from Automotive Touchup for base coat (colored paint). You’ll need to provide your vehicle’s paint code for proper matching. They will ship directly to you.

Once you receive your paint we can schedule.

Or, I can grab a can from a local shop that provides 12oz. aerosol cans that are mixed to match any paint code.

Spot Painting Prices

• 450 and up

*I can also block coat an entire panel with new clear if preferred over clear coat blending.

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