Headlight Restoration Resealing

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Customers tend to think the cloudiness on their headlamp lenses is an internal issue. This is rarely the case, but sometimes cleaning out the inside is necessary.

Over time the seals between the lenses and housings become compromised. Moisture and dust accumulate inside. Internal haziness can also result from bulb emissions.

In order to clean out the headlights they must be removed from the vehicle, opened, cleaned out, properly resealed, and reinstalled.

You’ll need to bring your vehicle, or at least the headlight assemblies, to me for resealing.


  • Both Headlights 695
  • One Headlight 350

*Usually the bumper cover needs to be removed in order to remove the headlight assemblies for resealing. If this is the case with your vehicle there is an additional 125 charge.

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